Drill Bit Masonry – Victrix Card


Additional information

SKU 280291

4.0mm x 85mm

SKU 280009

5.0mm x 85mm

SKU 280010

5.5mm x 85mm

SKU 280292

6.0mm x 100mm

SKU 280293

6.5mm x 100mm

SKU 280294

7.0mm x 100mm

SKU 280572

8.0mm x 120mm

SKU 280971

9.0mm x 120mm

SKU 280081

10mm x 150mm

SKU 280700

12.0mm x 150mm

SKU 280016

13.0mm x 150mm

SKU 280702

16.0mm x 150mm

SKU 280731

19.0mm x 160mm

SKU 280952

20.0mm x 160mm


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